Jefferson Banner - Opinion

"Error of opinion may be tolerated where Reason is left free to combat it."
- Thomas Jefferson, from his first inaugural address,
quoted on the Jefferson Banner above, dated January 14, 1864.

Everyone's got one, but most people don't publish a newspaper or own a radio or television station.  Jump to the Opinion page for piles of personal expression.

Present Issues

Past Issues

  • Jefferson County Fair - July 14-18 2004 - View the pictures from the webcam!
  • Ellen Hamill of Albany, Oregon on the Jaeckl Bros. vs. the County situation
  • Do you wonder what the City of Jefferson is doing when it comes to economic development?  So did John Foust, and boy did it get him into trouble
  • Our first resident of the Opinion section was Bill Krupinski, who not only writes letters to the editor but draws a mean editorial cartoon, too.
  • Our multimedia tradition continues, with an opinion on Tomorrow's Hope from Jim Schroeder.
  • Greg David comments on sprawl, highways, bike paths and other topics.
  • James Ortega questions DOT and Watertown bypass decisions.
  • Mary Ellen Ganser wonders why the Jefferson Chamber and DOT won't consider "No bypass".  She's circulating a petition to this effect.
  • Beth Gehredl writes her opinions about Wal-Mart and growth in Fort Atkinson and economic development in Jefferson County.
  • William Reichertz speaks out against the Watertown bypass.