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"Araiguma Rasukaru" Episode Guide in German, translated roughly by computer to English

Rascal, the waschbaer

In the forest found
Controversy over Rascal
Animal male nurse searched
See again with nut/mother
The gift for Oskar
A heavy parting
Large running
Sammy does not give up
Robbys most beautiful day
Marthas large purchase
A disappeared sugar cube
Attendance from Chicago
The first holidays day
The disappeared ring
Robby finds a grandmother
The large celebration
Dangerous picknick
A new friend
The thing with the ear of corn
Controversy with father
On large travel
The bear on the roof
Noise around Tanga
The travel with the kanu
The Rehkitz
Summer celebration at the lake
A heavy resolution
In the cage
The ill swan
The traitorous melon
Emperor, king, begging man
The trick with the butterfass
The falling plates
Preparation to the hunt
A surprising marriage
Finally a job
A misfortune comes rarely alone
When does father come?
The forgotten birthday
Race with Mr. Saimon
A strange patient
To what do I give father?
Jessicas secret
The fight on the ice
However in the snowstorm
Grandmother cilia substitutes
The birth of the calf
As one a horse zaehmt
A house from snow
On Brautschau
Parting from the friends
Parting from the Visconsinsee

Source: Premiere junior

Attention, spoiler! Here inhaltsangaben of the individual episodes follow.
Who knows and the tension not to take itself does not want the series, should not read on! ; -)

Episode 1: In the forest found
Robby lives with its family in Wisconsin. When fishing with friend Oscar falls suddenly a shot: The victim is a wash bear nut/mother. Robby carries its young forward to itself home.

Episode 2: Controversy over Rascal
Robby is gestresst: He must learn, how he can up-pamper the small waschbaeren Rascal. Oscars nut/mother helps it thereby. Everything seems to good-happen, until the Konditorssohn Sammy emerges.

Episode 3: Animal male nurse searched
Robby and its father want after Milwaukee, in order to visit Robbys ill nut/mother. But there is a large problem: Someone must watch out in the meantime for wash bear baby Rascal and the other animals.

Episode 4: See again with nut/mother
In the hospital Robby meets its nut/mother again. There also its sister Theodora is. All hope that the forthcoming operation succeeds and the nut/mother may finally again home.

Episode 5: The gift for Oskar
Oscar made its promise true and supplied Robbys of animals exemplary. Only as it at home are, break in Robby that it should bring along a gift for the friend.

Episode 6: A heavy parting
Robby has again and again annoyance with its raben POH of these disturbs with its Gekraechze frequently the devotion in the church. Particularly a neighbour is very furious over it.

Episode 7: Large running
Saimon became proud owner of a car. With its driving arts it shifts the whole city in fear and fright. Mike, which hates cars, relies further on its horse.

Episode 8: Sammy does not give up
Sammy, which would have still gladly Robbys waschbaeren, suggests a jumping. They both, but two frogs are not to jump on behalf.

Episode 9: Robbies most beautiful day
To successful operation Robbys nut/mother comes home. All hope that them become completely healthy soon again. Joyfully she welcomes the animals. Also with Rascal it is love at first sight.

Episode 10: Marthas large purchase
POH steals everything that glittered. This time Robbys friend Martha is the victim. Around Martha to troesten, Robby slaughters its piggy bank.

Episode 11: A disappeared sugar cube
Robbys nut/mother interspersed against the will of the lady housekeeper that Rascal may sit in Robbys former high chair at the table. It already comes to problems.

Episode 12: Attendance from Chicago
Robbys sister Jessica spends its term holidays at home. Jessica becomes acquainted with the waschbaeren Rascal, when she sits down almost on him.

Episode 13: The first holidays day
Holidays are finite. Robby goes to fishing and has luck: A Riesenwaller bites on. When he comes proudly thereby home, he must experience that its nut/mother again more badly is.

Episode 14: The disappeared ring
Robbys nut/mother died. Now is the boy with its father alone. Theodora must leave the two also soon. But still another small incident happens before.

Episode 15: Robby finds a grandmother
Robby drove with Oscar for fishing. Suddenly they hear from the close forest assistance calls. An old woman is gestolpert and cannot rise alone not again. It turns out that it cilia, which are nut/mother of the new station chief Stevenson.

Episode 16: The large celebration
Because you helped young in the forest so nicely, an idea has cilia: It arranges a large celebration for the two Kavaliere. That happens however against the will of Oskars father.

Episode 17: Dangerous picknick
Father, grandmother, Robby and its small friend Rascal make a trip in the Greens. With the vergnueglichen picknick however nobody pays attention to the waschbaeren, which goes its own way.

Episode 18: A new friend
A piece of news tells cilia to the others: a piece more deeply in the forest stands an abandoned hut. Robbys father remembers that a good friend of him had a hunt hut in the area. All break open and find the hut. They meet a young man, who inhabits them.

Episode 19: The thing with the ear of corn
Robby, Oscar and Alice have pitch: They will attack when playing a gang of masked boys. There is Sammy and its Kumpane, and naturally they want to abjagen Robby times again Rascal.

Episode 20: Controversy with father
The Farmer is sour on Rascal: Each night is the waschbaer on the way and gets itself fresh ears of corn of the fields. The annoying robber is to be shot.

Episode 21: On large travel
Flora, Alice and Robby are on vacation trip. On the travel they have an autobreakdown. Unnoticed Rascal climbs into the car of the friendly help during a breakdown.

Episode 22: The bear on the roof
Robby and Rascal concerned finally at Carl. There the friends experience, how Carl with many wild animals in friendship lives. To them also Tanga, a halbwuechsiger bear belongs. When however begins to take off in the hotel of the uncle the roof there is annoyance.

Episode 23: Noise around Tanga
It gives already again annoyance with Rascals to small bear friend Tanga. It creeps into the room of a Juweliersgattin, which falls before fright in faint.

Episode 24: The travel with the kanu
Alice and Robby discovered their love for the water haven. Now they want with a kanu a few days to tents to drive. They have to exist so some adventure.

Episode 25: The Rehkitz
Robby and Alice are already two days with the kanu on the way. They make the acquaintance of a deer nut/mother, that leads them by Rascal to their ill kitz. The two decide immediately to bring the helpless Rehkitz to Carl.

Episode 26: Summer celebration at the lake
A large summer celebration at the lake plans and loads Carl's uncles all in addition in. The Rehkitz is healthy and is to be returned. Heavy heart decides Robby to also always take on this occasion parting from Rascal to. But from this nothing becomes.

Episode 27: A heavy resolution
The beautiful days at the Three Lake are to end. Again at home, Robby must build a cage for Rascal. It hardly brings it over the heart. Until the cage is finished, Rascal gets collar and a line. Unfortunately for it Robbies entire savings go drauf.

Episode 28: In the cage
Heavy heart Robby began to build a cage. When it is finally finished, raves and walk Rascal in the cage so for a long time, until it may nevertheless again in Robbys bed.

Episode 29: The ill swan
Alice finds on the way to school a small ill swan. It takes it also into the school. The teacher requests all to bring along their domestic animals. Robby is accompanied by Rascal.

Episode 30: The traitorous melon
Sammy provides for annoyance: It stated, the bite of Rascal is so bad that it cannot go to the school. It has a thickly connected hand, but when Robby and the teacher visit him and for him a melon bring along, Sammy with the allegedly so ill hand reaches greedily for the melon.

Episode 31: Emperor, king, begging man
Robby and Oscar decided to also go without to money on the rummelplatz. Owing to Rascal, which regains a lost hat, the two get even Finderlohn.

Episode 32: The trick with the butterfass
Alice has large grief. It healthy-maintained and cannot a swan now not from it separate. Flora and Robby persuade them to let the bird fly again.

Episode 33: The falling plates
Oscar discovered a Bisamrattenkolonie. With the money for the skins Robby material for its kanu could buy. Before the hunt begins, Simon and Mike come themselves into the hair.

Episode 34: Preparation to the hunt
Robby and Oscar set up traps. Then they experience that the people, which bought so far their skins want to transfer to wash bear skins.

Episode 35: A surprising marriage
Carl is on the way after Brailes Ford. On the way it meets Mr. Ascher, who is in the Morast with its car remained. Carl helps it and loses thereby a small small box. At family Stevenson arrived, he surprises all with the request to be allowed to marry Flora.

Episode 36: Finally a job
Mr. Ascher looks for a newspaper boy. Robby gets the job it makes good business. The people buy gladly a newspaper from the nice boy with the merry waschbaeren on the shoulder. Thus Robby becomes acquainted with also an old man, who lives completely alone in a house.

Episode 37: A misfortune comes rarely alone
In the city the flu grasiert. Robby comes to uncles Alfred and Tante Lilian on the country. There it lives itself fast in. Soon already it can even milk.

Episode 38: When does father come?
Robby is still with its relatives. Its father let hear nothing of itself. There Oscar and Alice, together with its dog Caro, come surprisingly to attendance. All have much fun, but the time passes fast and Robby is again alone.

Episode 39: The forgotten birthday
Robby has birthday. On its honour day it finally times does not have to deseam and cook. Because fortunately Theodora announced. But there is annoyance.

Episode 40: Race with Mr. Saimon
Martha wants to play with Rascal. When opening the cage you entwischt the waschbaer. After a futile search Martha runs crying home, where she meets Mr. Saimon. When it experiences that Rascal runs around freely, he gets the gun immediately.

Episode 41: A strange patient
Rascal does not come one morning from its sleep cave. To Robby's disappointment turns out that its small friend is ill. By a trick and by Oscar and Alice the children smuggle the ill raccoon into the consulting hour of Dr. Gain.

Episode 42: To what do I give father?
Christmas stands before the door. Robby thinks over the gifts. Rascal is so fascinated by the shining balls at the Christmas tree that Robby must take them off the tree.

Episode 43: Jessica's secret
The hand shoemaker did not supply the promised commodity. Now Robby does not have a gift for its father. It persuades Mr. Hendrick to drive with it into the neighboring village where the hand shoemaker Gilby lives. There they find a desperate family.

Episode 44: The fight on the ice
Robbys whole pride are its new ice skates. Finally it can turn its rounds with Alice on the close lake. Only it harms that Oscar does not have ice skates.

Episode 45: However in the snowstorm
A violent snowstorm tightens on Brailesford. The school is closed. All children flee before the threatening tempest home. There Robby waits in vain for its father.

Episode 46: Grandmother cilia substitutes
Robbys father got over the night in the snow. Its state of health is not very good nevertheless. The doctor arranges bed peace and grandmother cilia comes to attendance.

Episode 47: The birth of the calf
Robby is with Uncle Alfred and Aunt Lilian. Although it is in good hands, he worries itself much around its ill father. There the forthcoming birth of a calf is a welcome cause to bring the sad Robby on other thoughts.

Episode 48: As one a horse zaehmt
The life on the yard with uncle and aunt takes its run. Only the for the time being futile attempt, which mould Didi zuzureiten, and a straight still prevented accident on the ice bring something alternation in Robbys to lives. Longingly it waits for message of its father.

Episode 49: A house from snow
Alice and Oscar invented to Robbys home coming something mad: They build a igloo. Therein the friends want to celebrate a seeing again. Unfortunately they did not count on Sammy.

Episode 50: On Brautschau
Finite is it so far: After a half year Robbys built and paid kanu is finished. Only unfortunately it will not be able to drive now any longer for a long time thereby. Oscar, which helped it so industriously with the building, is gotten it.

Episode 51: Parting from the friends
For Robby and its the last week in Bralesford began friends. They want to drive all again for fishing. Robby will then show them everything its secret fishing rod places at the river. Mr. Saimon comes, in order to strike a last mark noise.

Episode 52: Parting from the Visconsinsee
It is so far: To the parting from the teacher now the second and probably heaviest parting comes for Robby. Sadly it drives with Rascal crosswise over the Wisconsin lake on the other hand the bank.