(Rep. & Recr. #8-74)

16.01 Purpose and Intent

16.02 Administration & Enforcement

16.03 State Laws Adopted By Reference

16.04 Definitions

16.05 Maintenance

16.06 Plumber License Required

16.07 Permit Required

16.08 Inspection Fees & Building Sewers

16.09 Plumbing Inspection

16.10 Plumbing Systems

16.11 Water & Sewer Connections

16.12 Penalty


16.01 PURPOSE AND INTENT. It is the purpose and intent of this chapter to establish minimum plumbing standards in terms of performance objectives, implemented by specific requirements, which will provide reasonable safeguards for sanitation to protect the public health against hazards of inadequate, defective or unsanitary plumbing installations.

16.02 ADMINISTRATION AND ENFORCEMENT. (1) SCOPE. The design and installation of all plumbing systems, including sanitary and storm drainage, sanitary facilities, water supplies, storm water and sewage disposal in buildings and exterior from property line to building shall comply with the requirements of this chapter.

(2) PLUMBING INSPECTOR. (a) Authority. To enforce the provisions of this chapter, there is hereby authorized and established the position of Plumbing Inspector. The Plumbing Inspector shall, under the direction of the Director of Public Works, inspect the plumbing, water supply and drainage installations in conformity with the requirements of this chapter. The Plumbing Inspector may, at any reasonable time and for proper purpose, enter upon any public or private premises to inspect such work performed or existing as provided by this chapter or require the production of any license or permit issued pursuant to this chapter. See Section 1.03 of this Municipal Code for appointment and term.

(b) Private Interest Prohibited. During the incumbency, the Plumbing Inspector shall not engage in the business of plumbing, house drainage or plumbing ventilation, or be financially interested directly or indirectly with any person engaged in such business.

(c) Records and Reports. The Plumbing Inspector shall prepare suitable forms for all applications, licenses, permits and estimates required herein. He shall keep a daily record of all inspections and transactions of his office and shall file a quarterly report describing same with the City Administrator. He shall also prepare and present an annual report to the City Council giving the receipts of his office in and a summary of the work of his office setting forth therein the total number of applications received; number of permits issued; approved or rejected; and the number of fixtures or installations made or rejected.

16.03 STATE LAWS ADOPTED BY REFERENCE. (Am. MSC '86) Ch. 145, WI Stats., and Ch. ILHR 82, Wis. Adm. Code, are hereby adopted by reference and incorporated into this Municipal Code to the extent and with the limitations provided by this chapter.

16.04 DEFINITIONS. (Am. MSC '86) When used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated herein or as defined in ILHR 82, Wis.. Adm. Code. No attempt is made herein to define ordinary words which are used in accordance with their established dictionary meanings except where it is necessary to define their meanings as unused in this chapter to avoid misunderstanding.

APPROVED: Approved by the Director of Public Works and the State Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations, in conformity with the respective laws and regulations governing.

PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT. Every place, whether indoors, outdoors or underground, and the premises appurtenant thereto, where either temporarily or permanently an industry, trade or business is carried on, or where any process or operation, directly or indirectly related to any industry, trade or business is carried on, and where any person is directly or indirectly employed by another for direct or indirect gain or profit, but shall not include any place where persons are employed in private domestic service or agricultural pursuits which do not involve the use of mechanical power.


PLUMBING, SANITARY. Plumbing so designed and installed that it can be kept clean if free from defects in construction, and which conforms in every aspect to the provisions of this chapter and does not create a health hazard.

PLUMBING CODE 16.04-(cont.)

PRIVATE SEWER. That part of the sewerage system including structures, conduits, pipe lines, septic tank and effluent absorption area located on the same property as the building served. It does not preclude that portion that may be connected to the public sewer system.

16.05 MAINTENANCE. All plumbing and drainage systems, both existing and new, and all parts thereof, shall be maintained in a safe and sanitary condition. All devices or safeguards which are required by this chapter shall be maintained in good working order. The owner or his designated agent shall be responsible for the maintenance of plumbing systems.

16.06 PLUMBER LICENSE REQUIRED. (1) STATE LICENSE. No person shall perform any pluming in the City without holding a qualified license with the State, except that repairs and stoppages, as define, do not require license status.

(2) USE OF NAME. No person shall allow the use of his name directly or indirectly for the purpose of making application to perform plumbing in the City.

(3) PERMIT APPROVAL. (Am. MSC '86) A permit application submitted by the applicant shall not be approved unless such individual is qualified as required by Ch. ILHR 81, Wis. Adm. Code, except an application may be done by the owner in a single family residence which he himself occupies.

16.07 PERMIT REQUIRED. (1) APPLICATION. (Am. MSC '86) Any person desiring to do plumbing shall file a permit application with the Plumbing Inspector before starting any work, except as provided in sub. (2). The permit application shall be made on forms furnished by the Plumbing Inspector. All permit applications shall be properly filled out and signed by a person qualified as a licensed plumber registered with the State Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations. A permit application is not required when minor repairs are made to part of an existing plumber system. When deemed necessary by the Director of Public Works, the applicant shall furnish drawings illustrating the installation.

(2) COMMENCEMENT OF WORK. A person may start work prior to filing of the plumbing permit application provided the person responsible for the work has obtained an application number from the Plumbing Inspector. The applicant shall file the permit application with the correct inspection fee as soon as possible after work has started.

(3) INFORMATION TO BE SUPPLIED. The permit application shall contain such information as the Plumbing Inspector shall require for the effective enforcement of this chapter, including the name, business address, telephone number, license number and signature of person responsible for the work.

16.08 INSPECTION FEES AND BUILDING SEWERS. (Rep. and Recr. #3-90) 1. GENERAL. Inspection fees, as established in Section 14.01(7) of this Municipal Code, shall be submitted with the Plumbing Permit application. Inspection fees shall be applied to the following:

(a) All new fixtures and appliance listed on the permit application form furnished the applicant as well as replacement of water heaters and softeners.

(b) All plugged or capped openings left for future installation of fixtures

(c) Changes made in the water, soil, waste or vent piping which necessitates the resetting of any plumbing fixture or appliance.

(d) Repair or replacing building sewer, building drain, soil, waste or vent pipes within an existing building.

(2) BUILDING SEWERS. The inspection fee for building sewers, both sanitary and storm, shall be as established in Section 14.01(7) of this Municipal Code. If conditions are such that the plumber cannot leave the trench open for inspection, or that extensive work is being done, the City may assign and inspector to inspect the installation at which time the contract shall be billed for such inspection services at the prevailing hourly rate of a journeyman plumber.


16.09 PLUMBING INSPECTION. (1) INSPECTION REQUIRED. Within the boundaries of the City, all plumbing work within a building and exterior plumbing installations on private property shall be inspected and conform to this chapter, except work done on buildings and property owned by federal, State and County governmental agencies.

(2) NOTIFICATION. (Am. MSC '86) Pursuant to ILHR 82.21, Wis. Adm. Code, the plumber or his agent shall notify the Plumbing Inspector when work done is ready for inspection and shall specify, when possible, the street address and permit application number under which the work is being done. Unless otherwise authorized by the Plumbing Inspector, all plumbing work, such as water supply piping, building sewers or drains, shall be left uncovered until inspected and the work is approved. The plumber in charge shall make such arrangements as will enable the Plumbing Inspector to reach all parts of the building and provide the equipment and labor for making such tests under the supervision of the Plumbing Inspector. The plumber shall notify the Plumbing Inspector will make a final inspection as required. All such inspections shall be made between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, unless specific arrangements is made with the Plumbing Inspector.

(3) CITY ENGINEER TO SUPERVISE. (Am. MSC '86) All public sewers on public property shall be under the supervision of the City Engineer and no opening into or connection with a sewer service shall be made except under his direction and supervision.

(4) PERMIT REQUIRED. No person shall open any street, alley or other public place for the purpose of connecting to a public sewer without obtaining a permit from the City Engineer.

(5) EXCAVATION PROHIBITED. Excavation in streets is prohibited without a permit and approval by the City Engineer.

(6) The City Engineer shall maintain records locating sewer mains and connections thereto.

16.10 PLUMBING SYSTEMS. (1) INDEPENDENT SYSTEM REQUIRED. The plumbing system of each new building or residence and any new plumbing system in an existing building or residence shall be entirely separate and independent of that system in any other building or residence.

(2) SEWER CONNECTION. Each building or residence shall have an independent connection with a public sewer where available or with a private sewer when such public sewer is not available. See Section 11.04 of this Municipal Code.

(3) COMBINATION SEWER PROHIBITED. No combination sewer (sanitary and storm) shall be installed to serve any new or existing building or structure. No roof, air conditioning or other similar drain shall be connected to any sanitary sewer.

16.11 WATER AND SEWER CONNECTIONS. (1) WATER SERVICE. No person shall cause the water supply to be turned on to serve a use on any premises unless all plumbing work has been approved and service has been authorized by the Water & Electric Department.

(2) SEWER SERVICE. No person shall make a connection with a public sewer main (sanitary or storm) or into any sewer or drain connecting with such public sewer unless all plumbing work has been approved.

16.12 PENALTY. Any person who shall violate any provision of this chapter or who shall neglect or refuse to comply with a lawful order of the Plumbing Inspector or Director of Public Works issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, or any person who shall perform any plumbing work in the City without being licensed under CH. 145, WI Stats., shall be subject to a penalty as provided in Section 25.04 of this Municipal Code.