14.01 Building Code

14.02 Electrical Code

14.03 Fire Prevention Code

14.04 Flammable Liquids

14.05 Permits Required

14.06 (Rep. #2-85)

14.07 Building in Industrial or Commercial Districts

14.08 One and Two Family Dwelling Code

14.10 State Administrative Code Adopted

14.15 Penalty


14.01 BUILDING CODE. (1) PERMIT REQUIRED. No building or any part thereof shall be hereafter erected within the City or ground broken for the same except as herein provided, until a permit therefor shall have first been obtained from the Building Inspector by the owner, or his authorized agent. The term "building" as used in this section shall include any building or structure, and any enlargement, alteration, moving or demolishing, or anything affecting the fire hazards or safety of any building or structure.

(2) APPLICATION. Application for building permit shall be made in writing upon a form furnished by the Building Inspector and shall state the name and address of the owner of the land, and also the owner of the building if different, and the legal description of the land upon which the building is to be located, and shall contain such other information as the Building Inspector may require for effective enforcement of this chapter.

(3) PLANS. With such application there shall be submitted 2 complete sets of plans and specifications, including a plot plan showing the location of the proposed building with respect to adjoining streets, alleys, lot lines and buildings. Plans for buildings required to comply with the State Building Code shall bear a stamp of approval from the Industrial Commission. Such plans and specifications shall be submitted in duplicate; one set shall be returned after approval as herein provided; the other set shall remain on file in the office of the Clerk. All plans and specifications shall be signed by the designer.

(4) WAIVER OF PLANS. If the Building Inspector finds that the character of the work is sufficiently described in the application, he may waive the filing of plans for alterations, repairs or moving, provided the cost of such work does not exceed $2,000.

(5) APPROVAL OF PLANS. If the Building Inspector determines that the proposed building will comply in every respect with all ordinances of the City and all applicable laws and orders of the State of Wisconsin, he shall officially approve and stamp one set of the plans and return it to the owner, and shall issue a building permit therefor which shall be kept and displayed at the site of the proposed building. After being approved, the plans and specifications shall not be altered in any respect which involves any of the above mentioned ordinances, laws and orders, or which involves the safety of the building or occupants, except with the written consent of the Building Inspector.

(a) COUNTY COURTHOUSE AND JAIL. (Cr. #12-90) The provisions of Chapter 14 of the Municipal Code, with the exception of Sections 14.03 and 14.04 shall not apply to the Jefferson County Courthouse or Jail.

(6) MINOR REPAIRS. (Am. #9-80) The Building Inspector may authorize minor repairs valued at less than $100 which do change the occupancy, area, structural strength, fire protection, exits, light or ventilation of the building without issuing a building permit.

(7) FEES FOR BUILDING PERMITS. (Rep. & Recr. #3-90) The fees for building permits shall be as follows:

(a) RESIDENTIAL - 1 & 2 Family

1. New Dwelling - .015 per sq. foot all areas for plan review

- .06 per sq. foot all areas for inspection fees

2. Remodel - $5.00 per M. of valuation

- $40.00 minimum

3. Accessory Building

A. Up to 150 sq. - $20.00

B. 150 Sq. feet to 600 sq. feet - $30.00

C. Structures above 600 sq. feet - fee charges under New Dwelling shall apply

BUILDING CODE 14.01(7)(a)4.

4. Occupancy Permit - included in above fee


1. New Building - .015 per sq. foot all areas for plan review - .06 per sq. foot all areas for inspection fees

2. Remodel - $5.00 per M. of valuation

- $40.00 minimum

3. Occupancy & Change of Use Permit - $25.00


1. New Buildings -.01 per sq. foot all areas for plan review

-.03 per sq. foot all areas for inspection fees

2. Remodel - $5.00 per M. of valuation

- $40.00 minimum


1. Plumbing

Automatic Washer $4.00 ea.

Bubblers 4.00 ea.

Catch Basins 4.00 ea.

Dishwasher 4.00 ea.

Ejectors or Pumps 5.00 ea.

Extension of house drain where

fixtures already installed 25.00

Failure to call for Inspection 20.00 ea.

Floor Drains 4.00 ea.

Garbage Grinders 4.00 ea.

Grease Traps 4.00 ea.

Grease Interceptor 10.00 ea.

High Pressure Boiler 25.00 ea.

Inside Sewers 10.00 ea.

Lateral Connections:

100 feet or less 25.00

over 100 feet outside .35/ft

over 100 feet inside .35/ft

Laundry Tubs 4.00 ea.

Manholes 10.00 ea.

Pump 10.00 ea.

Showers 4.00 ea.

Sillcocks 2.00 ea.

Sinks 4.00 ea.

Storm Sewer & San. Sewer 25.00 ea.

Storm Sewer Conductor 4.00 ea.

Sump Pumps 4.00 ea.

Urinals; Bathtubs 4.00 ea.

Wash Basins 4.00 ea.

Wash Fountains 4.00 ea.

Water Closets 4.00 ea.

Water Heaters 4.00 ea.

Water Softeners 5.00 ea.

Well 10.00 ea.

Re-inspection 20.00 ea.

Other fixtures not listed above (specify) 5.00 ea.

BUILDING CODE 14.01(7)(d)2.



Heating and Air Conditioning, Commercial, Industrial - $.015/sq. ft. for all areas

Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Systems (New 1 & 2 Family) - $.015/sq. ft. for all areas


Gas - All coal furnaces and boilers $15.00

($3.00 per 50,000 BTU over 150,000 BTU)

Air Conditioner - Up to 3 ton $15.00

(per ton above 3 ton $2.00)

Electric baseboard, wall units and cabinet units per kW $1.25

ALL Oil - gas or fuel tanks $10.00

0-500 gallons $20.00

500-1,000 gallons $35.00

1,000 to 5,000 gallons $50.00

over 5,000 gallons $20.00

Duct work alterations $20.00


Residential $20.00

3. Electrical

(1) Light, switch and convenience outlets $0.35 ea.

(2) Power receptacles over 150 volts, 1-30 amps $5.00

Over 30 amps $6.00

(3) Lighting fixtures-incandescent-standard base $0.25 ea.

(4) Tubular lamps, such as fluorescent, cold cathode, lumiline and mercury vapor, per tube $0.25

(5) Studded lights and festoon lighting - per outlet $0.25

(6) Arc lights, search lights, floodlights, mercury lights, mogul base fixtures, etc. $1.00 ea.

(7) Temporary services and temporary wiring installation $10.00 ea.

(8) Service Switches, each or alterations thereto

First 100 amperes $5.00

Each additional 100 amps or fraction thereof $5.00

(9) Ranges, ovens, clothes dryers, dishwashers, disposals, water heaters $4.00

(10) Refrigerating Units - $.25 per HP $4.00 ea. min.

BUILDING CODE 14.01(7)(d)3.(11)

(11) Gas burners, oil burners, stokers, residential electrical furnaces,

or conversions of $5.00 ea.

(12) Air conditioning - 25% per HP $5.00 ea. min.

(13) Combination heating and air conditioning unit $10.00 ea.

(14) Feeders and subfeeders - per 100 ampere capacity, or fraction thereof $10.00 ea.

(15) Each motor, per HP or fraction - 1st 100 HP $0.50

Balance $0.25

(16) Dispensers - gasoline, fuel oil, permanent vending machines, and well pumps $6.00

(17) Each generator, transformer, reactor, rectified, capacitor, welder, converter and similar devices

1st 500 kW $0.50 KW

Balance $0.25 KW

(18) Electric metal melting furnace systems $0.50 KW

(19) Electric space heating systems, per zone control $5.00 ea.

(20) Electric unit heating devices $5.00 ea.

(21) Moving picture, stereopticon and X-ray machines, high-frequency therapeutic apparatus and similar equipment $4.00 ea.

(22) Dimmers - 0 to 1.0 KW $1.00 ea.

Over 1.0 KW $5.00 ea.

(23) Swimming pools $6.00

Electrical wiring and grounding $25.00

(24) Shop inspections, sign $4.00 ea.

(25) Neon signs - $ .50 each transformer $4.00 min.

(26) Florescent tube signs - $ .15 each tube $4.00 min.

(27) Lamp signs - $ .15 each lamp $4.00 min.

(28) Combination signs - fees in items 25, 26 and 27 prevail 7.00 min. (29) Strip lighting, plug in strip, trolley duct, , trolley wire or similar system $0.50 ft

(30) Wireways, busways, underfloor raceways or auxiliary gutters $0.50 ft

(31) Audible or visual electric signal or communication devices $0.20 ea.

(32) To change, alter, repair or correct an electrical installation where none of the above specific fees apply $20.00

(33) Minimum charge for any one new permit $20.00

(34) Starting work prior to permit total fees doubled

(35) Additional permits (minimum fee) $ 5.00

(36) Re-inspection Fee - First Re-inspection $15.00

Each additional re-inspection $20.00

BUILDING CODE 14.01(7)(d)4.

4. Pools - $25.00 each

5. Special Inspections - $20.00

6. Permit to start construction of footings and foundation

Residential $25.00

Commercial/Industrial $50.00

7. Additions to Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical Permits (minimum fee/permit) - $ 5.00

8. Failure to obtain the required permit prior to commencing work shall result in the doubling of said fees.

(8) INSPECTION OF WORK. The builder shall notify the Building Inspector when ready and the Building Inspector shall inspect all buildings upon completion of the foundation forms or before the foundation is laid, and again when ready for lath and plaster or before paneling is applied. After completion, he shall make a final inspection of all new buildings and alterations.

(9) STATE CODE ADOPTED. (Am. MSC 86) The following provisions of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, so far as applicable, are adopted by reference and made a part of this chapter:

Ch. ILHR 20 Administration and Enforcement

Ch. ILHR 21 Construction and Standards

Ch. ILHR 22 Energy Conservation Standards

Ch. ILHR 23 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Standards

Ch. ILHR 24 Electrical Standards

Ch. ILHR 25 Plumbing and Potable Water Standards

(10) NEW METHODS AND MATERIALS. All materials, methods of construction and devices designed for use in buildings or structures covered by this chapter and not specifically mentioned in or permitted by this chapter shall not be so used until approved in writing by the Industrial Commission of Wisconsin for use in buildings or structures covered by the Wisconsin State Building Code, except sanitary appliances, which shall be approved in accordance with the State Plumbing Code issued be the State Board of Health. Such materials, methods of construction and devices, when approved, must be installed or used in strict compliance with the manufacturer's specifications and any rules or conditions of use established by the Industrial Commission. The data, tests and other evidence necessary to prove the merits of such material, methods of construction or device shall be determined by the Industrial Commission.

(11) UNSAFE BUILDINGS. Whenever the Building Inspector finds any building or part thereof within the City to be in his judgment so old, dilapidated or so out of repair as to be dangerous, unsafe, unsanitary or otherwise unfit for human habitation, occupancy or use, and so that it would be unreasonable to repair the same, he shall order the owner to raze and remove such building or part thereof, or if it can be made safe by repairs to repair and make safe and sanitary or to raze and remove at the owner's option. Such order and proceedings shall be as provided in sec. 66.05(5), WI Stats.

(12) COUNTY COURTHOUSE AND JAIL. (Cr. #12-90) The provisions of this chapter with the exception of Section 14.03 and 14.04 shall not apply to the Jefferson County Courthouse or Jail.

14.02 ELECTRICAL CODE. (1) STATE CODE APPLIES. All electrical work, including the placing of wires and other equipment, shall conform to the Wisconsin State Electrical Code, which is hereby made by reference a part of this chapter.

(2) PERMIT. (Am. #3-90) No electric wiring or other equipment shall be installed or altered without first securing a permit therefor from the Electrical Inspector except that repairs or replacements of broken or

BUILDING CODE 14.02(2)-cont.

defective sockets, switches or base receptacles may be made without a permit. The application for such permit shall be on a form furnished by the Electrical Inspector and shall state clearly the work planned, alterations to be made, and equipment and materials to be used and all later deviations from such plan must be submitted to and approve by the Electrical Inspector. Fees shall be established in Section 14.01(7).

(3) INSPECTION OF WORK. After roughing in the wiring of any building and before any such work is covered up or upon completion of any outside wiring construction work, the person doing such work shall notify the Electrical Inspector who shall at once inspect or cause to be inspected the same. If he finds that the work conforms to the State Electrical Code, he shall issue a certificate of compliance which shall contain the date and an outline of the result of such inspection, a duplicate of which shall be filed by location in the office of the Electrical Inspector. No person shall use any such electrical equipment until such certificate has been issued.

14.03 FIRE PREVENTION CODE. The Fire Prevention Code, National Board of Fire Underwriters, is adopted by reference and made a part of this code.

14.04 FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS. The Flammable Liquids Code, Ch. Ind. 8, Wis. Adm. Code, issued by the Industrial Commission of Wisconsin, is hereby adopted by reference as a part of this chapter, and it shall be the duty of the Building Inspector and Fire Chief to enforce the provisions thereof.

14.05 PERMITS REQUIRED. (1) GENERAL PERMIT REQUIREMENT. No building, plumbing or electrical work shall be performed in the City unless a permit therefor is obtained as required in the provisions of this chapter.

(2) PAYMENT OF FEES. All fees shall be paid to the City Administrator and a receipt showing that such fees prescribed by ordinance have been paid presented to the Building, Electrical, and Plumbing Inspectors before such Inspectors shall issue to the owner, or his agent, a building, electrical or plumbing permit.

(3) PERMIT LAPSES. A building, electrical or plumbing permit shall lapse and be void unless operations under the permit are commenced within 6 months from the date of issuance thereof, and unless the proposed construction is completed within 2 years of the date of issuance, after which the permit may be extended by payment of 1/2 of the original fee.

(4) REVOCATION. If the Building, Electrical or Plumbing Inspector shall find at any time that this section, laws, order, plans and specifications are not being complied with and that the holder of the permit refuses to conform after a written warning or instruction has been issued to him, he shall revoke the building, electrical, or plumbing permit by written notice posted at the sire of the work. When any such permit is revoked, no person shall do any further work thereunder until the permit is reissued, excepting such work as the Inspector may order to be done as a condition precedent to the re-issuance of the permit, or as he may require for the preservation of human life and safety or property.

(5) REPORT OF VIOLATIONS. All police officers shall report at once to the Inspectors any building, electrical or plumbing work which is being carried on without a permit as required by this section.

(6) RECORDS. The Inspectors shall keep a record of all permits, fees and inspections, and shall make an annual report thereon to the City Council.

14.07 BUILDING IN INDUSTRIAL OR COMMERCIAL DISTRICTS. Any building in an industrial or commercial district as zoned in Ch. 17 of this Municipal Code, the Zoning Code, in excess of 10,000 sq. ft., shall comply with the regulations governing construction within the fire limits.

14.08 ONE AND TWO FAMILY DWELLING CODE. (Cr. #7-80) (1) PURPOSE. The purpose and intent of this section is to:

(a) Exercise jurisdiction over the construction and inspection of new one and 2 family dwellings and additions to existing one and 2 family dwellings.

BUILDING CODE 14.08(1)(b)

(b) Provide plan review and on site inspections of one and 2 family dwellings by inspectors certified by the Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations.

(c) Establish and collect fees to defray administrative and enforcement costs.

(d) Establish remedies and penalties for violations.

(e) Establish use of the Wisconsin uniform building permit as prescribed by the Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations.

(2) STATE UNIFORM DWELLING CODE ADOPTED. (Am. MSC '86) The Administrative Code provisions describing and defining regulations with respect to one and 2 family dwellings in Chs. ILHR 20 through 25, Wis. Adm. Code, whose effective dates are generally June 1, 1980, are hereby adopted and by reference made a part of this section as if fully set forth herein. Any act required to be performed or prohibited by an Administrative Code provision incorporated herein by reference is required or prohibited by this section. Any future amendments, revisions, or modifications of the Administrative Code provisions incorporated herein are intended to be made part of this section to secure uniform statewide regulation of one and 2 family dwellings in this City. A copy of these Administrative Code provisions and any future amendments shall be kept on file in the City Administrator's office.


Addition. New construction performed on a dwelling which increases the outside dimensions of the dwelling.

Alteration. A substantial change or modification other than an addition or minor repair to a dwelling or systems involved within a dwelling.

Department. Department of Industry, Labor, and Human Relations.

Dwelling. 1. Any building, the initial construction of which is commenced on or after June 11, 1980, which contains one or 2 dwelling units.

2. An existing structure, or that part of an existing structure, which is used or intended to be used as a one or 2 family dwelling.

Dwelling, One or Two Family. A building structure which contain one or separate households intended to be used as a home, residence or sleeping place by an individual, or by 2 or more individuals maintaining a common household, to the exclusion of all others.

Minor Repair. Repair performed for maintenance or replacement purposes on any existing one or 2 family dwelling which does not affect room arrangement, light and ventilation, access to or efficiency of any exit stairways or exits, fire protection or exterior aesthetic appearance and which does not increase a given occupancy and use. No building permit is required for work to be performed which is deemed minor repair.

Person. An individual, partnership, firm or corporation.

Uniform Dwelling Code. (Am. MSC '86) Those Administrative Code provisions, and any future amendments, revisions, or modifications thereto, contained in Section 14.01(9) of this chapter.

(4) METHOD OF ENFORCEMENT. For the purpose of administering and enforcing the provisions of this section and the Uniform Dwelling Code, the City shall utilize the office of the Building Inspector.

(5) BUILDING INSPECTOR. (a) Certified. The Building Inspector, and any appointed assistants, shall be certified for inspection purposes by the Department in each of the categories specified under ILHR 26.06, Wis. Adm. Code, and by the Department of Health and Social Services in the category of plumbing.

(b) Duties. The Building Inspector shall administer and enforce all provisions of this section and the Uniform Dwelling Code.

BUILDING CODE 14.08(5)(c)

(c) Powers. The Building Inspector or an authorized certified agent may at all reasonable hours enter upon any public or private premises for inspection purposes and may require the production of the permit for any building, plumbing, electrical or heating work. No person shall interfere with or refuse to permit access to any such premises to the Building Inspector or his agent while in the performance of his duties.

(d) Records. The Building Inspector shall perform all administrative tasks required by the department under the Uniform Dwelling Code. In addition, the Inspector shall keep a record of all application for building permits in a book for such purpose and shall regularly number each permit in the order of its issue. Also, a record showing the number, description and size of all buildings erected indicating the kind of materials used and the cost of each building and aggregate cost of all one and 2 family dwellings shall be kept. The Building Inspector shall make a written annual report to the City Council relative to these matters.

(6) BUILDING PERMITS. (a) No one or 2 family dwelling of which initial construction shall be commenced after June 15, 1980, shall be built, enlarged, altered, or repaired unless a building permit for that work shall first be obtained by the owner, or his agent, from the Building Inspector. Application for a building permit shall be made in writing upon that form, designated as the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Permit Application, furnished by the Department of Industry, Labor, and Human Relations.

(b) Repairs and Additions Requiring Permit. No addition, alteration or repair to an existing one or 2 family dwelling not deemed minor repair by the Building Inspector shall be undertaken unless a building permit for this work shall first be obtained by the owner, or his agent, from the inspector.

(c) Submission of Plans. The applicant shall submit 2 sets of plans for all new construction or repairs or additions to existing cone and 2 family dwellings at the time that the building permit application is filed.

(d) Issuance of Permit. If the Building Inspector finds that the proposed building or repair or addition complies with all City ordinances and the Uniform Dwelling Code, the Inspector shall officially approve the application and a building permit shall be subsequently issued to the applicant. The issued building permit shall be posted in a conspicuous place at the building site. A copy of any issue building permit shall be kept on file with the Building Inspector.

(7) FEES FOR BUILDING PERMITS AND INSPECTIONS. (Rep. & Recr. #3-90) At the time the application for building permit is filed, the applicant shall pay fees as established in Section 14.01(7).

(8) VIOLATION AND PENALTIES. (a) No person shall erect, use, occupy or maintain any one- or 2-family dwelling in violation of any provision of this chapter or the Uniform Dwelling Code or cause to permit any such violation to be committed. Any person violating any of the provisions of the chapter shall be subject to a penalty as provided in Section 25.04 of this Municipal Code.

(b) If an inspection reveals a noncompliance with this chapter or the Uniform Dwelling Code, the Building Inspector shall notify the applicant and owner, in writing, of the violations to be corrected. All cited violations shall be corrected within 30 days after written notification unless an extension of time is granted pursuant to ILHR 20.10(1)(c), Wis. Adm. Code. (Am. MSC '86)

(c) If, after written notification, the violation is not corrected within 30 days, a stop work order may be served on the owner or his representative and a copy thereof posted at the construction site. Such stop work order shall not be removed except by written notice of the Building Inspector after satisfactory evidence has been supplied that the cited violation has been corrected.

(d) If any construction or work governed by the provisions of this chapter or the Uniform Dwelling Code is commenced prior to the issuance of a permit, double fees shall be charged.



(9) APPEAL TO BOARD OF APPEALS. Any person feeling aggrieved by an order or determination of the Building Inspector may appeal from such order or determination to the Board of Appeals. Those procedures customarily used to effectuate an appeal to the Board of Appeals shall apply.

(10) LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES. This section shall not be construed as an assumption of liability by the City for damages because of injuries sustained or property destroyed by a defect in any dwelling or equipment.

14.10 STATE ADMINISTRATIVE CODE ADOPTED. (1) Chapter IND 22, Wis. Adm. Code, Energy Conservation Standards Chapter of the One and Two Family Dwelling Code, as adopted and effective December 1, 1978, and all amendments thereto, is adopted and incorporated in this Code by reference.

(2) The Building Inspector and his designated representatives, as certified by the Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations, are empowered to administer and enforce all of the provisions of this subchapter.

14.15 PENALTY. Except as otherwise provided for herein, any person who shall violate any provision of this chapter, or any order, rule or regulation made thereunder, upon conviction thereof, shall be subject to a penalty as provided in Section 25.04 of this Municipal Code.