Jefferson City Municipal Code

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(Rep. & Recr. #9-87)

6.01 Emergency Government Directors

6.02 Policy

6.03 Succession to Municipal Offices

6.04 Joint Action


  • 6.01 EMERGENCY GOVERNMENT DIRECTORS. Pursuant to Ch. 166, WI Stats., the City hereby appoints the City Administrator and Chief of Police as emergency government directors to develop an emergency government program consistent with the State plan of emergency government as expressed in (SS)166.01 through 166.15, WI Stats., and any subsequent amendments thereto.

    6.02 POLICY. In preparing and executing the emergency government programs, the services, equipment, supplies and facilities of the existing departments and agencies of the City shall be utilized to the maximum extent practicable and the officers and personnel of all such departments and agencies are directed to cooperate with the Emergency Government Directors and to provide such services and facilities as are needed.

    6.03 SUCCESSION TO MUNICIPAL OFFICES. All municipal officers and department heads shall designate persons as emergency interim successors to their respective offices as provided by (SS)166.08, WI Stats. If a municipal officer or department head is absent or unable to exercise the powers and perform the duties of this office because of an emergency, such successor shall have all the powers and perform all the duties of the officer department head.

    6.04 JOINT ACTION. In consideration of the joint action provision of the Jefferson County Emergency Government Ordinance, the City hereby enters into a joint action agreement with Jefferson County to provide for utilization of existing services of such municipality in conjunction with efforts by the Emergency Government of Jefferson County.