Jefferson City Municipal Code

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4.01 Composition; Compensation

4.02 Performance of Duties by Chief & Subordinates

4.03 Property and Equipment

4.04 Police to be Full Time

4.05 Records

4.06 Reports

4.07 Deposit of Funds with City Treasurer

4.08 Badge and Uniforms

4.09 Disciplinary Action


  • 4.01 COMPOSITION; COMPENSATION. The Police Department shall consist of the Chief of Police and such police officers as the Council shall prescribe by ordinance or resolution. They shall receive such compensation as shall be determined by ordinance or resolution, which shall be in lieu of all special fees, rewards or remuneration arising from such police service. All fees, rewards and other special remuneration received by the police department or any member thereof shall be deposited with the City Treasurer to the general fund of the City.

    4.02 PERFORMANCE OF DUTIES BY CHIEF AND SUBORDINATES. The Chief of Police shall be the chief executive officer of the Department and shall have direct control and management of all members of the Department in the lawful exercise of their duties, subject to the provisions of law and or City ordinances, and subject to such other orders as may be issued by the Mayor or Council as provided by law. Each police officer shall likewise perform such duties as may be required by law, ordinance, or City regulations, and such other duties as may be imposed by the Mayor or Council.

    4.03 PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT. The Chief of Police shall have custody, care and control of the property and equipment of the Police Department, subject to the directions of the Mayor and Council. He shall conduct periodic surveys of such property and equipment, arrange for the salvaging of discarded or impaired items, and submit recommendations as to future needs.

    4.04 POLICE TO BE FULL TIME. The Chief of Police and each permanent police officer shall devote full time to Police Department duties.

    4.05 RECORDS. The Chief of Police shall keep an accurate and complete record of all complaints, arrests, traffic violations, convictions and the disposition of each case handled by the Department. The Chief shall also keep a record of the accomplishments and performance or each officer.

    4.06 REPORTS. The Chief of Police shall immediately following the end of each calendar month, submit to the Mayor and Common Council a written report on all activities and transactions of the Department during the month. He shall also submit such a report at the end of each calendar year for the preceding year.

    4.07 DEPOSIT OF FUNDS WITH CITY TREASURER. All funds arising out of Police Department operations that may be collected by any member of the Department shall be deposited with the City Treasurer not later than the succeeding business day. The Chief shall file with the City Treasurer accompanying such deposit a statement showing in detail the source of such receipts.

    4.08 BADGES AND UNIFORMS. Each member of the Police Department shall wear a suitable badge, to be furnished by the City, and every member on duty shall wear a uniform as prescribed by the regulations. The Chief may issue written orders authorizing the performance of a specific duty while not in uniform. Any member of the Department who shall lose or destroy such badge or other equipment shall be required to pay the cost of replacement. Whenever any member shall terminate his employment in the Department, he shall immediately deliver his badge and all other City equipment in his possession to the City Clerk, and all sums due such member shall be withheld pending final settlement.

    4.09 DISCIPLINARY ACTION. Disciplinary actions against the Chief and subordinates shall be governed by (SS) 62.13(5), WI Stats.