235 South Main Street


Twice Baked Pottery opened here in Jefferson in April 2022, after its start in Racine in 2015.

According to owner and artist Scott Obernberger, “My focus for the first half of my life had always been in areas where I used my analytical skills — from being a Politics major at The Catholic University of America to representing thousands of clients in court and running my own litigation practice in Milwaukee.  Taking up pottery as a hobbyist was an incredible change in how I both thought and saw the world.  Art opens your mind and lets you see things that we miss in everyday life.  Art creates possibilities we don’t always see or that we take for granted.”


Christian Muck and his wife Catherine opened a meat market in Jefferson in 1857.  Sadly, Christopher died in 1877.   His widow and children continued the business.  The Muck family built this two-story “City Market” in 1879, replacing the previous wooden structure.  They lived upstairs.  They also built the brick barn behind the building.


1880s – A butter packing business operated from the basement.

1920s – Eddie Koser lived upstairs from 1908 until 1984.  In the 1920s he operated a shoe shine business and even a small gas station pump here on the corner of Main and Dodge.

1940s – This was the law offices of Jerry Slechta and Dean D’Aoust.

1970s – The first floor was an apartment.

1990s – In the 1990s, this was the location of Syndesis Corporation, a software company that made tools used by 3D animators and special effects for television and the movies.  The 3D model for the television show “Star Trek: Voyager” was repaired here.